Spring makeup trends for 2022

As we move into March, party season is firmly upon us for the spring. So, whether you’re heading to that long-awaited night out when it’s still light on an evening do or you’re celebrating with friends, it makes sense to make sure you look your best. Read these top Spring makeup trends 2022 to ensure your look is on point. 

Multicolour eyes 

Winter makeup trends 2021/2022

This spring is all about colourful eyeshadow. So, mix up your normal look and experiment with bright, vibrant colours from your eyeshadow palette. A little mosaic on your lids is the perfect way to brighten up your appearance on those dull December days. 

Graphic liner also remains on-trend, showing no signs of falling out of favour. There are many ways to apply graphic liner, however, colourful liner placed in the inner corners of the eyes to create a V-shape is a good option. You could also opt for a traditional winged line that comes out from the inner corner of the eye, creating an enchanting cat-like effect.

Mocha tones 

Tonal shades of brown are on trend this spring, with mocha, caramel, and camel becoming very popular (let’s not forget Adele’s much-talked-about, head-to-toe chocolate leather pantsuit she was seen sporting at the LA Lakers game!). Eyes adorned with shades of coffee and smoky almond are chic and classic, giving a sophisticated look. 

Glitter accents 

Since spring is a great party season, it’s the perfect time to add some glitter to proceedings. Glitter accents are becoming more prominent, both on the face and the eyes. A glitter eyeliner, sparkly eyeshadow or even jewels and pearls can add vibrancy, allowing you to let your fun personality shine through. To use glitter on the face, you may want to use a fine highlighter first, ideally with a soft and sheer finish. Add it to the high points of the cheek and then add the glitter. 

Thinner, lifted brows 

The Geo Lift brow trend from earlier in the year has been replaced by thinner, lifted brows. Don’t worry, this won’t take you back to the overplucked brows of the ‘90s. This trend is softer and more realistic, giving a defined and sculpted brow that lifts the whole face. Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are setters of this popular brow style. To get this look, fill in your eyebrows with a pencil or pen from the top. Don’t fill in the base of your brows since this will only serve to bring the appearance of your brows down. 

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Whilst matte finishes are often thought of as heavy and drying, they are having a moment right now. In fact, they are one of the biggest spring makeup trends in 2022. Matte shadows, matte lipstick, and matte skin seem like they’ve come straight from the ’90s. However, there are ways to give them a modern twist. Talk to Kaiya MUA, a top makeup artist in Doncaster to find out how to make the most of the popular matte makeup trend this spring. 

No makeup!

If your skin and lips are feeling dry and dull during the spring, make lip gloss and highlighter your best friends. Highlighter enhances your complexion, adding moisture and giving a healthy, dewy glow. In spring, less can sometimes be more.

Top makeup application tips for Spring

Applying makeup in the cooler months can be difficult, with the cold, harsh weather presenting a number of challenges. 

  • Cleanse gently. The weather can seriously impact your skin. Therefore, you may want to switch to a gentle cleanser for removing makeup at the end of the day. Micellar water is an increasingly popular option. Simply soak a cotton pad with the water and wipe it across your skin. There’s no need for any rinsing or rubbing.
  • Moisturise. Don’t forget to moisturise before applying makeup Whilst moisturising is important all year round, it becomes even more important at this time of year. Your skin can easily become dehydrated due to the cold weather. Choose a good-quality moisturiser with anti-inflammatory ingredients to combat irritation and flakiness. Put it on your skin right away after cleansing to lock in the moisture. Applying a face mask that moisturises your skin is a good move in spring. Well-moisturised skin is easier to run foundation over. A thick, powerful hydrating mask can help you to avoid flakes.
  • Prep your eyes. Spring can impact your eyes more than you realise, with the cool winds, sleet and rain causing them to tear up. This results in running mascara and eye shadow. To prevent your eyes from becoming a big, smudgy mess, prime your lids with a face powder to absorb the excess oil. This should help to prevent smudges. Using waterproof mascara is also a good idea. 

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If you’re looking for a makeup artist in Doncaster who knows all the top makeup trends in 2022, get in touch. Kaiya has been applying spring makeup for many years, learning all the best techniques to help her clients look radiantly beautiful during the spring period. I can offer you expert makeup and skincare advice that’s tailored to your specific requirements.

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