Top reasons to use a makeup artist for your wedding

The rules surrounding weddings have eased in the UK in recent weeks. The government now say that there are no limits on how many people can attend these celebrations. This has given the green light to many couples to plan their big day and enjoy the occasion with however many friends and family members they desire. If you’re in the process of organising your wedding and you want to make it as magical as possible, you may be wondering if you should hire a professional makeup artist. To discover the top reasons to use a makeup artist for your wedding, read on.

Why should I hire a bridal wedding makeup artist? 

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Since your wedding day is likely to be one of the most photographed in your life, it’s natural to want to look your best. As you look back on the photos in years to come, you’ll want to admire just how wonderful you look. A bridal makeup artist is responsible for making you look breathtakingly beautiful on your wedding day. Using their skills and expertise, they will aim to enhance your physical features and achieve a flawless appearance. These are the top reasons to use a makeup artist for your wedding. 

Look your most gorgeous 

Most people only get married once, so it’s a good idea to make sure you look your very best! One of the top reasons to use a makeup artist for your wedding is that she will apply makeup that accentuates your facial features, enhancing your natural characteristics brilliantly. Whether you want your eyes or lips to stand out or you’re keen to emphasize your cheekbones, a makeup artist can do this for you. Even if you consider yourself pretty skilled at applying makeup yourself, chances are that it never looks as good as when a professional does it. A makeup artist has years of experience and training in the field. She knows the best methods and techniques to ensure a first-class finish for her clients. 

Reduce the stress on your wedding day 

There’s so much to think about your wedding day, from the caterers to the flowers to your other half’s suit! However, when you hire a makeup artist, one thing that you won’t need to worry about is how you look. They will take charge of your appearance, helping to ensure you look incredible on the day you say ‘I do’. Hiring a pro to apply bridal makeup in Doncaster means you can focus on relaxing and have fun with your bridesmaids during the run-up to the ceremony. 

Saves you time 

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Time can seem to evaporate as you’re getting ready for your wedding. So, it makes sense to hire a makeup artist who is experienced in the art of applying cosmetics like blusher, mascara, and lipstick. She can help you stick to your tight schedule, making sure you’re ready to go well before the cars arrive to take you to the ceremony. 

Sometimes, when brides apply makeup themselves (or with the help of their bridesmaids), indecision can become an issue. They might do their makeup but then decide it’s not quite right. They then wash it off, applying different tones to try and achieve their desired look. This can be incredibly time-consuming and can really mess with their schedule. Hiring a professional makeup artist who knows what they’re doing can ensure that your makeup is perfect first time. 

Make sure you’re photo-ready

Your wedding is one of the biggest, most important days of your life. This means that you can expect to have your photograph taken many, many times. Indeed, a recent study showed that the average number of photos taken of a bride on her wedding day is a staggering 3,000. This is based on a wedding party of 100. So, it makes sense to ensure you’re photo-ready by hiring a professional makeup artist. She will make you look amazing in all lightings and environments. Your makeup artist will make life easier for your photograph too since there will be fewer retakes needs. 

The highest quality makeup products

Top reasons to use a makeup artist for your wedding

When you hire a makeup artist for your wedding day, you can relax in the knowledge that she will use only the highest quality products on your skin. Makeup from high-end brands tends to use superior technologies, using cleaner ingredients and fewer fillers. Since it’s usually longer-lasting, you can expect makeup applied by a pro to keep you looking radiant throughout your day. 

Book a bridal makeup trial

A trial run is strongly recommended when hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day. You might not think it’s necessary or that it’s simply a way for a makeup artist to make money. However, it can be incredibly helpful for ensuring that your desired look can be achieved. You can relax in the knowledge that you will look just as you envisage on your special day. The last thing you want is to find out that your skin reacts to a certain makeup product or that the tone clashes with the colour of your dress. Smoothing out any issues with your makeup before the day arrives can be extremely beneficial. 

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