What is a MUA?

Have you heard the term ‘MUA’ floating around but aren’t sure what it means? If so, you’re not alone! Many people are still baffled by its meaning, despite its prevalence on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Read on to find out what is a MUA once and for all.  

The meaning of ‘MUA’ 

What is a MUA?

MUA is a shortened term for a makeup artist. First appearing online in 2017, it has grown dramatically in popularity in recent years, with many professionals and amateurs tagging their social media profiles with the term. MUA gained momentum thanks to leading beauty influencer Manny Gutierrez (known as Manny MUA). 

When Gutierrez headed a Maybelline New York campaign in 2017 and became the first male ambassador for the brand, fans quickly realised that MUA was not Manny’s surname and was actually a term for a makeup artist. Almost overnight, MUA became a widely recognised term in the beauty industry. The term MUA is also linked to MakeupAlley, a popular makeup review forum founded back in 1999. The blog is now trademarked “MUA Inc” for short.

These days, MUA is a widespread term on social media. Makeup artists the world overuse this term to showcase themselves to their fans and followers. The short character count makes it appealing for profile bios. To give you some idea of the term’s popularity online, a quick search for “#MUA” on Instagram brings up a staggering 66 million makeup-focussed posts. Despite the terms increasingly visibility online, what is a MUA remains a common question.

What does a MUA do?

Prom makeup in Doncaster

Now you know what is a MUA, you might be wondering what one actually does. A makeup artist specialises in applying cosmetic products to the skin with the aim of enhancing, improving, or otherwise altering a person’s appearance. Products include but are not limited to concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara. 

Whilst many makeup artists focus on highlighting beauty to make clients look and feel their best, others, such as those working in the entertainment industry are responsible for changing a person’s appearance for a theatrical role. In terms of skills, a MUA must know how to correctly use all the products and tools available whilst also staying updated in a continually evolving field. Makeup styles are constantly changing and it’s important that they are aware of the latest trends. At Kaiya MUA, I provide a range of makeup services to my clients in Doncaster and beyond. I’ve been applying the highest-quality cosmetic products for several years, using the latest, most effective techniques to make my clients look incredible. I also specialise in lash extensions and acrylic and gel nails, making sure I can provide the full package.


Prom makeup

More and more young people are choosing to hire a MUA to apply their prom makeup. After all, everyone wants to look fantastic on prom night, and perfectly applied makeup is a big part of that for many people. For a picture-perfect look on this most special evening, book a makeup artist in Doncaster. Kaiya MUA can achieve a stunning makeup look that complements your personal style, eyes, skin tone, and dress colour. In many years’ time, you’ll look back at photos of your prom night, so it’s important to make sure you’re completely happy with your appearance.  

Special occasion makeup

Special occasion Makeup in Doncaster

Whatever the special occasion, an experienced MUA can help you to look your most incredible. You might have your day makeup and night out makeup down to perfection, but when it comes to a big event like a wedding, hen do, or Christmas party that you’ll hopefully remember for many years to come, you might want to add some extra magic to your look. A special occasion is a perfect time to ensure you stand out from the crowd. A MUA can help you to turn heads for all the right reasons. 

Wedding makeup


If there’s one day where you should look your very best, it’s your wedding day. You’re likely to be photographed hundreds and even thousands of times, and it’s important that you look and feel incredible. For this reason, it makes sense to hire an MUA who specialises in wedding makeup. Using their skills and expertise, they can enhance your features, helping you to look truly breathtaking. As an experienced wedding makeup artist in Doncaster, I’ve helped many brides to shine on their special day. For wedding makeup, I recommend booking a trial run so that you can feel confident that you’ll look just as you envisage on the big day. 

How much does an MUA cost? 

The cost of hiring a MUA in the UK can vary considerably. The price you’ll pay depends on many different factors, including the location you’re in, the makeup service you require, and the experience level of the makeup artist. I am to keep my prices as competitive as possible, making sure I can cater to all budgets. At the same time, you can rest assured that I never sacrifice the quality of my service. I continually strive to provide my clients with incredible value for money when I apply their makeup. 

Contact me

If you’re looking for a makeup artist in Doncaster or the surrounding areas, get in touch with Kaiya MUA today. Call 07528 570 061 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you can book an appointment via the website if you prefer. I can cater to a wide range of makeup styles and I’m always willing to suggest ideas if you’re in need of some inspiration. Keeping on-trend when it comes to makeup can be challenging. However, you can rest assured that you’ll be a step ahead when you hire Kaiya MUA to apply your makeup.